Type of study:
Graduate university study.

Performing study:
Graduate university study of the church music – gregorian is performed on Institute for church music as regular study.

Conditions for enrollment:
To enroll on this study candidate should have finished undergraduate university study of the church music.

One year, two semesters.

ECTS points:
By completion of study is realized 60 ECTS points.

Academic title which is acquire by completion of study:
Master/master church music – gregorian.

Competences that student acquire by completion of study:
Objective is study extend, supplement and systematize acquired knowledge in undergraduate study.

Study allows know theoretical basics music Middle age; recognize and read note records music Middle age, of adijastematskih and dijastematskih sheet music record to square notation toward criteria gregorijanske paleografije and semiology; know music forms and the structure gregorian chants (octoechos); analytic and comparative access gregorian repertoriju; know liturgical-music kodekse Middle age in Croatia and Europe; know techniques and methodology independent research work on field gregorian; independently research in the field gregorijanske cultural heritage; know core muzikološko-gregorijansku literature; independently analyze, prepare and perform musical stuff from the field gregorian; acquired knowledge and skills lead scholae cantorum; know forms, modality and aesthetics gregorian repertoire; know techniques, aesthetics and tonsko forming in music creativity; professional and scientific process musical archive stuff Middle age; use computer technology as auxiliary means in creation, presenting and press forming own works; work on interdisciplinary projects.

Possibilities contribution of study:
By termination graduate university study Church music – gregorian student has the right enrollment on postgraduate study Gregorian on all kompatibilnim postgraduate studies in accordance with conditions of entry.