The Regulation on Studying on the Undergraduate and Graduate Study Programmes at the Catholic Faculty of Theology of the University of Zagreb defines the terms and conditions for completing the undergraduate studies as follows:


Article 65.

Final Work

(1) Undergraduate Study becomes completed by passing all exams, execution of all other study obligations envisaged by the study programme, completion of the Final Work and passing the Final Exam.

(2) Final Work by its content must demonstrate student’s understanding of the subject (object of his/her research) and his/her ability of independent usage of the literature.

(3) For writing of the Final Work, student over the course of the 5th semester chooses a mentor.

(4) Teacher can be chosen as a mentor if he/she has been elected to the scientific-teaching grade.

(5) Mentor determines the subject of the Final Work, supervises its development and evaluates it.

(6) Final Work requires the volume of at least 25 text cards.

(7) Final Work has to be submitted to the Student Service in printed form in three copies.

(8) Student graded with grade insufficient (1) has not defended his Final Work.

(9) Student graded with grade insufficient (1) has to register new subject of the Final Work in the next academical year.

(10) Grade and ECTS Credits mentor writes into the student’s Student Transcript Book („Indeks“) and enters into the ISVU System.


Registration of the Final Work is to be completed on the attached form:

Registration Form for the Final Work