A Line of Lectures of Philosophical-Theological Study - 1st Year

185402Assoc. Prof. Danijel Tolvajčić, PhD; Assist. Prof. Tomislav Kovač, PhD/Dr. sc. Jakov RađaIntroduction to Philosophy and Theology2002
38969Assoc. Prof. Nenad Malović, PhDLogic and Epistemological Theory3004
94413Assist. Prof. Ivan Dodlek, PhDHistory of Antique and Medieval Philosophy3004
39088Assist. Prof. Anđelo Maly, PhDHebrew Language2002
39089Assist. Prof. Anđelo Maly, PhDGeneral Introduction to the Holy Scriptures2003
185406Assist. Prof. Andrea Filić, PhDIntroduction to the Mystery of Christ and the History of Dogmas4005
39093Assoc. Prof. Slavko Slišković, PhDGeneral Church History I3004
39095Assist. Prof. Danijel Patafta, PhDGeneral Methodology1002
185413Senior Lecturer Davorin BabićPhysical and Health Culture0021
Elective courses3
Obligatory-elective courses:
185408Fill Prof. Josip Oslić, PhD; Assoc. Prof. Alojz Ćubelić, PhDPhilosophy and Christian Thought2003
185540Full Prof. Petar Bašić, PhDLatin Language II2003
39628Assoc. Prof. Nenad Malović, PhDCosmology2003
185404Full Prof. Josip Oslić, PhDHistory of Modern and Contemporary Philosophy3005
39087Full Prof. Josip Oslić/Sanda Smoljo-Dobrovoljski, PhDIntroduction to Psychology2003
39094Assoc. Prof. Slavko Slišković, PhDGeneral Church History II3004
188176Full Prof. Petar Bašić, PhDLatin Language II2002
185413Davorin BabićPhysical and Health Culture0021
112561Assist. Prof. Danijel Patafta; Assist. Prof. Andrea Filić; Assist. Prof. Vanda Kraft SoićPre-seminar2003
Elective courses9
Obligatory-elective courses:
185407Assoc. Prof. Nenad Malović, PhD; Assist. Prof. Ivan Dodlek, PhDPhilosophy and the Modern Culture2003
185409Assoc. Prof. Nenad Malović, PhDReligion and Science2003
185410Assist. Prof. Stipo Kljajić, PhD2003
112661Assoc. Prof. Božidar Mrakovčić, PhDBiblical Archeology2003
*During I. year all are students obliged write in two obligatory-elective subjects from offers subject Departments philosophy in the value of total 6 ECTS points.
**Students that in secondary school are not listened and passed Greek language and/or Latin language are mandatory them write in during I. year of study.
Students that are not obliged write in Greek language and/or Latin language and, instead of them enter elective courses in the value of 3, and 6 ECTS points from any group elective subjects (obligatory-elective courses, other elective courses, courses from other constituent of the university.)

Conditions for enrollment to II. year:
• realized ECTS points in I. year, in overall values from 50 ECTS points

Annually is necessary to write in 60 ECTS points from the group mandatory and elective subjects and seminar.

L – lectures,  S – seminar,  E – exercises,  C – coefficient (ECTS points)